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Counter-Server Gaming Community [CSGC]

We are a non-competitive group. Our common interest is gaming and having a good time doing it. We are a mature group -some of us with families of our own- that enjoy getting together and having some fun team play. We are more about getting along as a group than being at the top of the leaderboards. Don't be confused! We like to win, but it's not all about that.

So, with that being said, join any of our servers, jump on Discord, and let’s have some fun!

[CSGC] Hardcore Checkpoint #1 / 35 Supply Pts / 15-35 Bots counter-server.us:27102 counter-server.us:46340 0/8
[CSGC] EVIL ZEDS KF2 counter-server.us:28000 counter-server.us:47238 0/6
[CSGC] The Horrid Forest of Pumpernickel counter-server.us:27115 counter-server.us:27116 0/8
[CSGC] TheFatDaddys Playground Angry Bots counter-server.us:27015 counter-server.us:27015 0/10
[CSGC] Armory | Custom Weapons | Midwest counter-server.us:27018 counter-server.us:27018 0/16
[CSGC] CS Source Adaptive Bots counter-server.us:27215 counter-server.us:27215 /

Below you will find a Google Forms survey that will give us the opportunity to gauge our playerbase on what content we should add.

You can find us on